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Established 1806
C.Adams & Sons Limited

Our History

Founded in 1806 by Charles Adams, C. Adams began its trading history in the early days of the industrial revolution as a saddle maker in the industrial heartland of England, the Black Country.
Old Order form1861
Grandson Charles Adams changes name to C.Adams & Sons and starts using his saddlery skills to change direction to become a Leather Machine Belt manufacturer in Carters Green, West Bromwich.
Charles Adams diversifies and as well as his leather belt making business he also becomes a newsagent.
Charles Adams son, Charles Bertram Adams, continuing his fathers entrepreneurial skills, takes over the company and adds Oil & Grease Distributors and later India Rubber Merchants to their portfolio.
Company bought, from Charles Bertram who had turned it into a successful business (he died in 1951, aged 79, leaving the equivalent of over £700,000 in 2016), by two local businessmen, Jack Ford and Harry Roberts and they incorporate C.Adams to become C.Adams & Sons Limited.
Name changed to C.Adams & Sons (Oils) Limited and we began supplying all types of oils, petrol, diesel and many brick oils to all local brick manufacturers and businesses.
Company bought by Edward G Parkes who in 1967 moved C.Adams to its current works in Wednesbury and also purchased local engineering business H&R Productions (Birmingham) Limited of Aston.
Oil crisis meant we were unable to obtain raw crude so name changed to C.Adams & Sons (Midlands) Limited. Now under the ownership and direction of Simon Parkes we began supplying nuts and bolts.
Lock Nuts - Palnuts - Grade 4 - Grade 10 - Galvanized - DIN 936